Thursday, September 17, 2009


arghh!! u know wat! im da only malay in office rite now!! sume cuti raya daa..
im nothng to do here..nk balikkk...cant wait for hari raya meet up
with all my fmily mmbers..dis year no more duit raya for already
pokai weyh! cz i bought a new more duit raye + no more money + no more love for me...currently single but not available yo! happy kot! *sigh*..wtv la..btw,i would like to wish all muslims slmt ari raya maaf zahir & batin...kalo ade t'ksar bhsa,t'kutuk,t'gosip,t'buli n sume ter,hrp d'maafkn....ok..tats safe! tc! see u soon! ;)


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