Saturday, January 23, 2010


dis year celeb new year cm boring sket la cz dis year xrmai dpt,special sket cz 1st time celeb gan my bff.. (anis jeffery a.k.a nuranis hazwani) weehaaa... ;))
tp,mmg spoiled gle la..redah the curve awal bajet xdpt parking luckly snang gle dpt parking..hehe..thnx to ucop for the drive,n afif as asstn co-pilot knonnye haha
yg plg spoiled gle xdpt snap pic bnyk2 cz bwk salah lens..brr..t'bwk lens utk jarak jauh je..ppe pown thnx ashura.luv u guys! hopefully dis year d'p'mudahkn sgalanye,b'tmbah2 rezeki,n cpt2 jmpe jdoh..hee..aminnn


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